"The Love Covers Campaign" 

Author, Kennisha Hill, does more than pen page-turning novels. With a desire to reach  others beyond books, Hill has launched The Love Covers Campaign, where she along with her team will travel around the Dallas Fort-Worth metroplex with a message of love, hope and inspiration.

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The “Love Covers” Campaign was birthed from Kennisha Hill’s sophomore novel Uncovered, a story of faith, love and forgiveness. Through this campaign, Kennisha hopes to spread this same message to women everywhere beyond the pages of Uncovered. With a desire to spread hope through-out the community, Kennisha will join together with a team of mission-driven friends to volunteer at various organizations, youth groups and women’s ministries throughout the Dallas metroplex. Kennisha hopes to spread love, not just by words, but by demonstrating real LOVE through acts of service in the community.


Love Covers:

The Love Covers Campaign is a Christian Faith-Based campaign. With the motto derived from the scripture 1 Peter 4:8, Kennisha spreads the message of God's love by letting women know that God loves inspite of and not because of. Love Covers. It heals, restores, mends and delivers. Our objective is to assist local non-profit organizations, speak words of empowerment and encouragement and share the love and message of Christ. 



One of the ways our team volunteers is by serving the needy. Most of the shelters and homes have great needs for the women and their children. They need everything from diapers and baby food to socks and shoes. If you would like to give a donation, you can via PayPal at the right side of this webpage. You can also support this campaign, by purchasing a copy of Uncovered or a Love Covers T-Shirt. Your contribution will aid in the comfort and care of someone in need at various shelters and groups in Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas. If you have any questions about contributions, please use the Contact page to send your inquiry.



Thank You and God Bless You!