You can be a Guest Blogger!

As a writer, it is my intent to spread messages of hope and grace to women everywhere, while always pointing them to the Source of our strength; Jesus Christ! If you've been a reader of my blogs, you know that my heart is always in a place to encourage and inspire women. We all need that love and encouragement that let's us know that we are never alone. This is precisely the message the Lord has put on my heart to share and if you're a writer, he's probably given you a unique message too!

That's why I'd like to open my blog up for Guest Bloggers! 

If you have a message the Lord has given you to share for women who are single, wives and mom's, then I encourage you to submit your blog ideas here.

I would love to assist you in sharing your message with women who I'm sure will be touched by God's message through you. You will have full rights of your blog post and will be given an opportunity to share your bio beneath your entry. If you would like to become a Guest Blogger, please read through the submission guidelines below and send an inquiry using the contact page or by email.

Thank you!

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please keep all blog-post between 800-1100 words or less.
  • Most topics are acceptable, but must be biblically based, without profanity or any negative approach. This isn't an opportunity to rant, but rather to inspire and uplift! I reserve the right to reject any post that does not meet the suggested guidelines. 
  • Please include a scripture reference with your entry. All blog-post are welcomed to be written in devotional format. You're welcomed to be as personal as you'd like. 
  • You may add a prayer toward the end if you'd like, but it's not mandatory. As long as your heart is spilled and God is leading it, your words will greatly impact someone's life!
  • You don't have to submit a picture for your blog-post. However, if you have one you'd like to share, you're welcomed to email it to

At this time, we will have a Guest Blogger once a month and hope to gradually increase to biweekly, depending on submissions! I welcome everyone who believe they have a message of inspiration and hope to submit! 

Thank You!