About Kennisha

Kennisha Hill, the owner of NyreePress Literary Group, is a writer with a heart of grace. She has previously written articles that were featured in Relevant Magazine, MomLife Today, Empowering Everyday Women Magazine, Hope for Women Magazine and more. Her topics of choice vary and may include: encouraging singles, inspiring women to pursue the gifts God planted inside them, sharing topics for mom's of toddlers and encouraging mom's who are business owners. Her main mission is to share the grace of God with her pen, write words of hope. Kennisha is currently available for speaking opportunities for women's ministries, youth events and public events.  [Learn about her speaking availability here].


NyreePress Literary Group

Kennisha HIll is the Chairman and CEO of NyreePress Literary Group-- a writing and book publishing firm that was established in 2012. Kennisha opened NyreePress to help writers who are interested in independent publication. Today, NyreePress is recognized as a thriving book publishing company that promotes and produces quality Christian-based books and children's books. Visit NyreePress for more information.

Community Service

Along with a desire to reach people through writing, Kennisha also enjoys community outreach and constantly seeks opportunities to give the those who need extended love. After the release of her second novel, Uncovered, she launched the Love Covers Campaign where she gave inspirational books to women's shelters. Today, Kennisha is building great relationships with other non-profit organizations who exist to spread love, hope and grace to those who need it most.

Kennisha is also available for speaking opportunities and volunteer community service. Please send your inquiry here. Thank You!